Friday, April 26, 2013

Family and all those I love,

I promised last week that I would write a better letter. Tricked ya! I have even less time today, so I will write a list again of cool things.

I went on my first split this week with Sister Tuschling. She is amazing. She has been a convert for almost 3 years and a missionary for 16 months. I learned a lot from her in the couple days we spent together.

I was a mother of two last week, which I forgot to mention. I had another golden who had no companion who I watched over for a week and a half until everything got in order. It was an adventure, and we had a lot of fun zum Dritt all together. Her companion was a sister from the Berlin mission who got transferred here to Frankfurt. She had been out for about six months and she was made aware of her changing assignment the night before she was to switch missions. Alles ist verrückt. But it is so awesome to be here at this crazy time.

The work is doing well. We are really focusing on helping members do missionary work. We are doing no "tracting", just appointments, and contacting on the way.

Being a missionary is crazy. I am wearing pants right now and it feels so unnatural. I know why people are weird when they get home, because you have such a focus here in the field and it's weird to think about ever being a "normal" person again.

I have almost reached my 2 months in the field mark. Has time flown for you too? Because I feel like I have been here for 2 weeks. I am almost finished with my second transfer. Weeeiirrrrddd.

I started Reading Jesus the Christ by Talmage. Wow it's interesting. I think it's really important to really know who Christ was so you can try to become like him and build a relationship with him.

I love you all so much. Please tell America that I love her too. Germany is so so wonderful, but I love America so much. God bless America!

Have a wonderful week. I really will try to send a better letter next week.


Sister Mary Jane Leavitt


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